Definition and Usage

JavaScript Basics : INTRODUCTION


Javascript is a scripting language that will allow you to add real programming to your webpages.

You can create small application type processes with javascript, like a calculator or a primitive game of some sort.

However, there are more serious uses for javascript:

  • Browser Detection
    Detecting the browser used by a visitor at your page. Depending on the browser, another page specifically designed for that browser can then be loaded.
  • Cookies 
    Storing information on the visitor's computer, then retrieving this information automatically next time the user visits your page. This technique is called "cookies".
  • Control Browsers 
    Opening pages in customized windows, where you specify if the browser's buttons, menu line, status line or whatever should be present.
  • Validate Forms 
    Validating inputs to fields before submitting a form.
    An example would be validating the entered email address to see if it has an @ in it, since if not, it's not a valid address.

Before you start out with more complex javascripts you should understand the basics.

Example Code

Property Values