10/9/2013 8:10:45 PM
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2/5/2013 4:59:47 PM
How to delete folders in sdcard of file explorer in android

First you need to locate your adb folder, mine was at; D:\Android SDK\platform-tools>

Now execute adb shell in cmd as:

D:\Android SDK\platform-tools>adb shell

Hash(#) symbol will appear and then following command;

# cd sdcard

Now you are in sdcard of the device. If your folder is a sub folder then further locate its parent folder using cd command. In the end, use rm -r command to remove the folder recursively as follows. This will delete all files and directories in the folder.

# rm -r FolderName

Please note that if you want to remove a single file you can use rm command only and then file name(with extension probably). And you can also use rmdir command if the directory you trying to delete is empty.

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